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Current Probes for EMC TestingPearson Clamp-on Current and Injection Probes are used to make accurate AC current measurements to meet many of the EMC standards. EMI, surge, lightning, and other complex current wave-shapes can also be viewed with a Pearson Current Probe. A typical model has a flat midband response with a 3 dB bandwidth of 6 Hz to 15 MHz. Current as low as 10 micro amps (20 dBuA) and frequencies as high as 400 MHz can be viewed with a Pearson Clamp-on Current Probe.

Below are some of the EMC standards and the recommended Pearson Current Probe, along with its transfer impedance curve, to assist with those measurements.

Find the right Pearson Current Probe for your Application

Transfer Impedance Sweeps:

*  3525 10Hz-10MHz
*  4688 10Hz-15MHz
*  5101 10Hz-20MHz
8585C 10Hz-50MHz
8590C 10Hz-50MHz
8585C 10Hz-200MHz
8590C 10Hz-200MHz
8705C 10kHz-400MHz

 Insertion Loss Sweeps:

8700i 10kHz-400MHz

The Pearson Powerline Ripple Detector Greatly Simplifies MIL-STD-461G CS 101 measurements.

PRD-120 Datasheet
PRD-240 Datasheet

Video Demonstration at the 2012 EMC Symposium

Test Procedure for Powerline Ripple Detectors